We've added a Trivia Night! Join us  & drag queen Justine Das every  month to raise money for Barrie Pride.


We have added more Yoga Classes!

SUNDAYS Guided 12pm | 2pm | 3 30pm

SUNDAYS Acroyoga JAM 5pm

MONDAYS Guided 1 30pm | 3pm | 4 30pm

**MONDAYS Acroyoga Classes 6pm | 7pm (on hold until further notice)**


  1. Do I need to provide the cafe with my medical card?  --No, as we are not medical professionals we cannot legally request to see your card, however we always recommend you have your medical card on you at all times.
  2. Do you sell medical cannabis? --No, it is illegal under current legislation to sell cannabis in all forms at a retail location and must be purchased through a mail order Licenced Proivider.
  3. What is the age requirement? --You must be 19+ in our establishment

Menu and Pricing

About Us

from brain seed to sprout

We opened our door in January 2017 but it took a lot of time and hard work to make it here. Through learning the physical and mental healing capabilities of cannabis it became clear we needed to help spread the word of this beautiful plant. Combine that with a love of coffee and a trip to Amsterdam, well... the vision paints itself.

coffee and cannabis

They pair together beautifully. A relaxing and social space for the medical cannabis community to come enjoy and support one another. We provide the coffee, you provide the cannabis. A large, clean, bright and open space with comfortable seating areas sets happy vibes while the aroma of fresh espresso relaxes the soul.

love of cannabis and community

It's the reason we did this. We truly love this city. Born and raised here has allowed us to see the growth and progress of our beautiful downtown and to now be a part of that is a happiness difficult to describe. We hope it shows in our faces when you walk through our door.

What You Need to Know!

Here's the deal...

We are a 19+ cannabis-friendly café that is inclusive and provides a safe space for the 19+ community to be social in an environment without the presence of alcohol. We are currently a 'bring-your-own-cannabis' lounge until such time that we may operate as a dispensary. You are not required to use the café for cannabis consumption, we welcome anyone who loves great coffees and teas to come in and enjoy our beautiful space! 


Performance, charity or presentation-based events get 420 infused when you book your gig at Green Sprouts! We are able to offer a variety of seating setups to suit your event and are equipped with simple yet effective sound equipment.

As we have such a large and bright open space, we would love to be the backdrop for your private event.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and pricing details IE birthday events, weddings, special events, think outside the box !

Health & Wellness

Lifted Yoga with Trina & Erin

Join us every Sunday and Monday for yoga, acroyoga and meditation! Cannabis pairs beautifully with our wellness programs at the café and we encourage you to join and experience the amazing benefits of cannabis infused fitness and self-care.

Green Sprouts Cafe & Vapor Lounge

12 Chase McEachern Way, Barrie Ontario, L4M 1A7

Cafe Hours

Events typically take place Friday & Saturday evenings and may extend our closing hours. Check our Events Calendar & Follow us on Facebook or Instagram!