from brain seed to sprout


Our first storefront location in Barrie took a lot of time and hard work to make it here. Through learning the physical and mental healing capabilities of cannabis it became clear we needed to help spread the word of this beautiful plant. Combine that with a love of coffee and a trip to Amsterdam, well... the vision paints itself.

coffee and cannabis


They pair together beautifully. A relaxing and social space for the medical cannabis community to come enjoy and support one another. We provide the coffee, you provide the cannabis. A large, clean, bright and open space with comfortable seating areas sets happy vibes while the aroma of fresh espresso relaxes the soul.

love of cannabis and community


It's the reason we did this. We truly love this city. Unfortunately changes to the Smoke Free Ontario Act currently prohibits lounges, we will continue efforts to license & regulate Cannabis Lounges in this province. We look forward to seeing you again in the future at a new location!

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